Where in Turkey is Antalya located?


Where in Turkey is Antalya located?
Where in Turkey is Antalya located?

In the morning you stroll through the narrow streets of the old town, enjoy the view over the old harbor and in the afternoon you are just a few meters away on the beach and get a tan. The Turkish city of Antalya means vacation all along the line.

Where in Turkey is Antalya located? The province of Antalya located in southern Turkey directly on the Mediterranean sea and not only offers you a wonderful climate, but also an endlessly long beach that stretches across the entire coast. Antalya is the main town of the flowering coastal plain on the Mediterranean sea, which is often called the Turkish Riviera because of the long sandy beaches. Today, the city is the center of the tourist center on the Turkish Riviera, which is the favorite destination of many tourists every year.

In addition to the city, there are also several plateaus such as Derme or Godene to discover in the province of Antalya. The region also has a lot to offer in terms of landscape, because due to the fertile soil there are many citrus plants and plantations that adorn the region. The cultural lovers among you will love Antalya for its wonderful culture. There are dozens of cultural sites all over the city with long, interesting stories that you can visit. I will introduce you to Antalya in more detail..

Antalya overview

  • The entire province of Antalya has around 2,250,000 inhabitants. Half of them live in the provincial capital Antalya.
  • The province forms the majority of the Turkish Riviera tourist region on the south coast of Turkey.
  • A 630 km long coast runs along the province of Antalya.
  • The mountainous landscape makes up three quarters of the province.
  • The popular tourist resort Alanya is also located in the province, east of the city of Antalya.

Sightseeing city of Antalya

During your stay in the capital of the province you should definitely visit some sights and experience the cultural side of Turkey.

Hadrian’s Gate is the only surviving entrance gate to the ancient city of Antalya and the port. The city wall ran to both sides of this impressive gate hundreds of years ago. It was built on four bases in 130 in honor of the visit of the Roman emperor Hadrian and restored in 1959. A visit to these three archways and pillars decorated with ornaments is definitely worthwhile. To the right and left of the gate, which strongly resembles a triumphal arch, are the two defensive towers.

Yivli Minaret
Yivli Minaret

Another highlight of Antalya is located directly at the harbor: Hidirlik Kulesi was built around 1800 years ago as a harbor fortification and lighthouse and has been guarding the city’s harbor ever since. The round structure is 14 meters high and lies between the country and sea walls of the city. Right next to the building is the Karaalioglu Park, where you can take a short break and relax from your city walk.

But not only the old buildings in the city center are impressive – on the cliffs of Antalya the water masses of the Düden waterfall plunge down into the sea. You can marvel at this beautiful and unique natural spectacle from land and also from the water. Excursion boats regularly go from the harbor to the waterfall, which is more than 30 meters high. The trip is worth it! You can marvel at a somewhat smaller waterfall in the Düden when you take a hike in a small forest area. There is a cave behind the upper Düden waterfall. The perfect place to cool off on hot summer days. There are also many restaurants and tea gardens in the park.

Day trips to the interior of the province are also worthwhile from Antalya. From here you can take a day trip to the ancient city of Termessos, where you can admire the ruins of the city walls, temples and defensive rings. The well-preserved theater and the Odeion are particularly worth the walk to the mountain fortress.

Antalya old town

Antalya old town
Antalya old town

What I particularly liked on my trip to Antalya is the beautiful old town. The old town district Kaleici, located above the cliffs, has most of the sights in the city center ready for you. Buildings of the Romans, Seljuks and Ottomans line up close together and take you into another world.

Of course, the flair of the old town would not be perfect if it weren’t for the cute shopping streets, cafes and bars, restaurants and a great bazaar. The old town of Antalya is surrounded by two city walls, the inner of the two walls is in a semicircle around the old port. It is best to sit down with a delicious tea in one of the cafés above and enjoy the wonderful view.

The best way to start your tour of the old town of Antalya is at Saat Kulesi, the clock tower of the city, which is one of the most popular attractions in Antalya. Together with a second tower, it was – at that time still without a watch – one of the fortifications on the old main gate of the city walls. In the large square in front of the tower you can make yourself comfortable on one of the benches and watch the goings-on around you or simply enjoy the warm sun.

What would a vacation in Turkey be without visiting a market? That is exactly why the bazaar district in the old town definitely belongs on your list for Antalya. Stroll through the alleys, some of which are designed according to the pattern of old oriental bazaars, and examine the different goods that are offered at the many stands. From artisans to various delicacies to modern goods, you will find everything your shopping heart desires here. Don’t forget to take action!

Starts negotiating at half the price offered by the dealer. A few percent can always be knocked out. A cup of tea is often offered during or after the sales pitch.

You should also have seen the Umbrella Street in the old town. Unlike the small winding alleys, this is very touristy, but I find the many colorful umbrellas that are stretched over the street, beautiful. The bright colors just make me happy every time. If the sun also shines and the blue sky serves as the background, the picture is perfect.

Antalya beaches

Of course, beaches should not be missing on a vacation in Antalya. After a warm and tiring day in the city center you will surely need a refreshment and the beaches of the Turkish Riviera are just the ticket. That is why I have listed my three favorites here, which you can also find in the immediate vicinity of the city.

Mermerli Beach

Mermerli Beach
Mermerli Beach

This small beach is right next to the old port of Antalya, below the old town. To get to the brown sandy beach with the fine pebbles, you first have to walk through the pedestrian zone and the Mermerli restaurant of the same name. For a small entrance fee, you can get beach chairs and umbrellas for free, which are close together here. You definitely have enough space for this while bathing in the refreshing water and can even enjoy the wonderful view of the steep stone cliffs. If you need a refreshment in between, the restaurant even supplies you directly on your loungers.

Konyaalti Beach

You will find this beautiful beach here in the west of Antalya on a 7 km long area. While you splash around in the cool waters, you can admire the rock walls and the gigantic mountains in the background and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. There is a promenade along almost the entire beach and you will find many dining and shopping options. This family-friendly beach definitely gives you that holiday feeling.

Lara Beach

This beach Lara is one of the most popular on the Turkish Riviera. It attracts many holidaymakers every year and accordingly offers everything that makes the holidaymaker’s heart beat faster. Beach chairs and umbrellas, a wide range of restaurants and of course a lot of water sports, so that there is no boredom. Grab your towels and let the sun sizzle you. With a little luck, there will even be a beach party during your stay, where you can party until the wee hours of the morning.

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