What to see and do in Marmaris

Best ultimate things to see and do for tourist in Marmaris

What to see and do in Marmaris Turkey
What to see and do in Marmaris Turkey


What to see and do in Marmaris Turkey. In Marmaris, there are fun things to do around every corner—from the must-see tourist attractions to the adventures trips. Consider these the best in Marmaris city.

The Turkish resort of Marmaris is a modest city on the Lycian coast that is bursting at the seams during the summer months due to the many tourists who come to Marmaris to celebrate holidays. Among these tourists are mainly British, Russians, Dutch, Belgians and Scandinavians. The main attraction of Marmaris is the beach, which is a busy place to stay in the warm summer weather. For excursions in and around Marmaris we offer on this page our top 10 sights.

What to see and do in Marmaris Turkey? Visit the marina! The marina is surrounded by high mountains and bursting with boats of all shapes and sizes; from small boats to super yachts and cruise ships. A shopping street runs along the quay full of chic shops and exclusive restaurants. In the evening the lights go on and it is a wonderful place to eat out and take an evening walk with a beautiful sea view.

If you’re going to Marmaris, you need to spend some time to exploring on a daily boat trip you will visit and see the beautiful cost of Marmaris and swim in the clear chrystal water, this is a trip you can’t miss. We have also listed some of the most popular trips in and around Marmaris for you.

1. Day trip: Pamukkale & Lycian Coast

Pamukkale & Lycian Coast
Pamukkale & Lycian Coast

You can take a longer day trip – but definitely worth it – from Marmaris to the special natural phenomenon of Pamukkale, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Two- or multi-day tours to the fairytale Cappadocia are also offered, but that is quite an undertaking. It is very nice to rent a car yourself and discover some of the quieter coastal towns and bays of the South Aegean (Lycian) Coast.

2. Marmaris Castle

Marmaris Castle
Marmaris Castle

This castle, with its courtyard full of statues, dates from 1522. It was built by Suleyman the Splendid after his successful campaign against Rhodes. Today the castle is a museum from where you have a beautiful view over the harbor. From the castle you have a beautiful panoramic view of the harbor and the various small islands that lie off the coast.

The Marmaris Museum, also known as the Marmaris Castle, is a restored Ottoman castle that rises just above the old city. In this small, but fine museum, interesting finds from ancient times are displayed that are very interesting to see. Extra nice is that you have a beautiful view from all sides over Marmaris and the harbor. So don’t forget to bring your camera!

3. Marmaris Bazaar Market

Marmaris Bazaar Market
Marmaris Bazaar Market

The bazaar of Marmaris is wonderful to visit. All kinds of scents of herbs come to you. The shops really offer everything. Large parts are covered and others are protected with a sun cloth against the heat of the sun. The bazaar is near the center. A local treat that you can buy here is the honey from Marmaris, which can be found on the Datça peninsula.

4. Icmeler Beach

Icmeler Beach
Icmeler Beach

Icmeler Beach is a super beautiful beach near Marmaris, where you will be taken with the dolmus in no time. You will find fine, golden sand, clean water, many lifeguards and a nice pedestrian promenade full of shops and eateries. Beach chairs can be rented everywhere and are even free when consumed. Take a walk along the coast and enjoy the cozy atmosphere and the view over the clear blue Mediterranean Sea. You can even walk all the way back to Marmaris.

5. Center of Marmaris

Center of Marmaris
Center of Marmaris

Marmaris has a cozy and lively center. You will find many nice shops and restaurants. The extensive harbor is an advantage of this holiday resort. A long walking boulevard runs along the water, where there is a lot of fun and atmosphere. This is a popular walking area both during the day and at night.

You can also have a nice meal thanks to the beautiful views from the terrace.To avoid the heat, you can also opt for the huge covered bazaar. Nice to see, although the rather “enthusiastic” sales techniques of the retailers are less pleasant. After a while you can relax on the adjacent square near the statue of Atatürk and a beautiful illuminated fountain.


Marmaris is a city, but this is not really noticeable in the cozy harbor. Here you can still feel the Turkish cosiness like in small seaside resorts. There is plenty to do and see, so the harbor is definitely worth a walk through. For example, buy fresh fish such as mussels, view the many (sailing) boats or go people-watching from a terrace. You can also choose from the harbor for one of the various excursions to, for example, the Greek island of Rhodes.

For a quieter walk, the walking path towards Icmeler is recommended. Nicely located along the sea and with no traffic nearby. Marmaris is a versatile city, but it offers comparatively less culture. The fort is nice to visit, especially for the view. Furthermore, there are relatively few historical sights. Outside Marmaris you will find more history, such as the famous rock tombs in Dalyan and beautiful nature.

6. Going out in Marmaris

Going out in Marmaris
Going out in Marmaris

You will find a vibrant and diverse nightlife in Marmaris. There are several discos, clubs, bars and terraces. These are mainly found on Bar Street and along the harbor. Be surprised by the diversity of the parties. From foam parties to laser shows and from live music to famous DJs. Most parties last until five in the morning.

The bar street certainly lives up to its name. A street full of large discos but also small (English) bars. A street with a wide range. Many discos do not have a roof, so you can actually party outside. Well-known discos are Areena, Joy (a lot of Dutch audience), Mango and the Greenhouse. All found in the Barstreet.

Keep in mind the many props that want to lure you in with nice talk. Are you not interested? Thank you nicely and walk on quietly.
The location of your hotel is also something to take into account. When booking, please note that the hotel is not close to entertainment venues. This way you avoid sleepless nights.

7. Yacht Marina of Marmaris

Yacht Marina of Marmaris
Yacht Marina of Marmaris

At the center of Marmaris you will find a large marina with many amenities. The large size of the port is partly due to its practical location in relation to other Turkish and Greek destinations. In the harbor there is room for no less than 1300 boats. In addition, there are 1000 moorings in the sea.

Due to the large amount of boats, it can be fun to visit the harbor. Discover the beautiful yachts, wooden sailing boats and beautiful speed boats. Even in the evening is worthwhile, thanks to the beautiful lighting. Around the Marmaris harbor you will find neat walkways with non-tourist shops, coffee shops and restaurants. A nice area to stroll and breathe in the evening.

8. The beaches in Marmaris

The beaches in Marmaris
The beaches in Marmaris

In and around Marmaris you can choose from different beaches. This allows you to choose the beach that suits you best. You can also vary a bit during your holiday.

City beach
At the center you will find the city beach. It is a fairly narrow pebble beach. Parties are organized regularly during the summer months. The pedestrian promenade that runs behind it also provides fun. The water slowly deepens so the beach is also suitable for children. From the beach you can practice various water sports, such as parasailing, water skiing and jet skiing.

Long beach
Do you prefer a sandy beach? Then you can, for example, go to the Longbeach (or Uzunyali). This beautiful sandy beach is no less than 10 kilometers long. It extends all the way to the seaside resort of Icmeler. Thanks to the large surface, there is always a quiet spot.

But you can also go to the beach in Icmeler. The advantage of that beach is that you will find a bit more rest and you can snorkel more beautifully. You can reach Içmeler in 15 minutes by taxi or minibus. This beach has even been awarded the Blue Beach quality mark. This ensures a clean beach and facilities such as toilets and showers.

Nirvana beach
Party lovers can head to Nirvana Beach. Here you will often find many young people and beautiful parties. Parties are regularly organized with famous DJs and even foam parties. This beach is located just outside the center. Actually, this is the first part of the Longbeach that continues to Icmeler.

Can’t quite find the type of beach you were looking for? For example, ask a resident, hotel employee or a taxi driver. A bus or taxi can take you to the beach.


9. Places of interest near Marmaris & Icmeler

Places of interest near Marmaris & Icmeler
Places of interest near Marmaris & Icmeler

The resort is located in a beautiful area where you can find various sights. Below you will find an overview of sights and activities that you can view and do during your holiday.

Archaeological Museum

The Marmaris fortress houses an archaeological museum with finds from the history of the city. You will find crockery, weapons, kitchen tools, furniture and statues there. Galleries can also be seen.

Halici Ahmet Urkay Museum

There is also a historical museum on the road from Marmaris to Mugla. It is a private museum that is freely accessible and yet has an area of ​​3000 m². Here you will also find various historical finds such as carpets, statues, glassware and tools. Open every day and located 10 kilometers from Marmaris.

Marmaris Fortress

In the harbor is the fort that the city had to protect in the past. Today it is open to visitors and houses a historical museum. Nice for the beautiful view of the city.

Atlantis water park

Just outside the city you will find the Atlantis waterpark this excursion you can book throw our site. A fairly small water park but with about nine slides. A fun activity with children. Because the park is located on the coast, you can also visit the private beach in between. Because the park is a bit smaller than most water parks, the price is also slightly lower. So every disadvantage has its advantage. On average, you won’t be a day in this park. That is why it is recommended to combine it with the associated beach, for example.

Horse Safari

Horse lovers can do a trip on a horse safari. Here you can learn to ride a horse or take a nice trip through Turkish nature. For example through the woods or on the beach. The riding school is suitable for both beginners and advanced.

Enjoy the sunset

You can admire the sunset in an extra beautiful way. Namely from a beautiful wooden sailing boat. From the harbor there are daily special evening trips to get a breath of fresh air and unwind. In the evening the temperature is a bit lower and beautiful sunsets can often be seen. A nice combination during your sailing trip. Certainly because you can enjoy it while lying on a lounger with a drink.

Dalyan Turtle Beach

The special town of Dalyan is located about 80 kilometers from Marmaris. Located on a winding river in beautiful surroundings. Next to the attractive village you will find wild turtles and the famous rock tombs. This excursion you can book throw our tour page.

A little further along the coast you will find the pretty resort of Dalyan. Small boats take you here from the idyllic Köyceğiz Lake leisurely through the Dalyan River and chug past the beautiful landscape. A special highlight are the Lycian rock tombs, some of which were created in the 4th century. Lean back, enjoy the view of the wonderful turquoise water and fill up with some sun. Treat yourself to a soothing mud bath before the tour guides bring you back to Marmaris.

Bazaar of Marmaris

The bazaar in the center of Marmaris is also worth a visit. A nice experience because of the beautiful building with the various arches. In addition, interesting because of the many shops. Be prepared for the somewhat “enthusiastic” way of promoting products by Turkish retailers.

Excursion to Rhodes town

Various excursions can be booked from our tour page. But you can also opt for the boat to the Greek island of Rhodes. Here you will find the beautiful, historic Rhodes town. It is known as perhaps the most beautiful Greek city. The crossing takes approximately 45 minutes.


Do you want something different than Marmaris? Then you could go to nearby Içmeler for a morning. At about 9 kilometers you will find this cozy seaside resort. You will find a beautiful sandy beach located in a large bay. The area surrounding the beach is nicely overgrown, which creates a nice atmosphere on the beach.

But the seaside resort is also worthwhile. Partly thanks to the river that runs through it. In the center you will find all kinds of shops, restaurants and often there is a market. Also go to the dolphinarium. Watch a dolphin show or go swimming with dolphins yourself.

The nice place can be reached with a Dolmus or a taxi. The ride takes about fifteen minutes.

Jeep Safari

The beautiful nature in the vicinity of the city is ideal for all kinds of activities. For example, you can book a jeep safari. Here you go with several jeeps along beautiful natural routes. Thanks to the narrow paths and rugged terrain, the jeep safari is an adventurous outing. Enjoy nature and off-road driving.
In between you can for example have lunch or go for a swim. The details of the day differ per excursion. You can check this with the various providers. This excursion you can book throw our tour page.

Turkish Bath Hammam

For sauna lovers, a visit to a real Turkish hammam can be a fun activity during the holidays. Discover the differences with the Dutch sauna complexes. In Marmaris you will find a large hammam, the Armutalan Hamam. During your visit you can choose a scrub treatment, Turkish massage, foot bath, steam sauna and bubble bath. Take some account of the cultural difference. A hammam visit takes an average of two hours in Turkey. This excursion you can book throw our tour page.

Turkish Night Dance Show

Fancy a fun evening activity? Then you can get to know the Turkish dance culture during a dance show. You will see different types of Turkish dance styles, performed in traditional costumes. Often they are fast and lively dances, but also the famous belly dance can come along. A cozy and original outing. This excursion you can book throw our tour page.


The seaside resort of Turunc is about 19 kilometers away. A quiet but attractive seaside resort where there is not much tourism yet. A great holiday destination for lovers of a little more rest. But Turunc can also be fun when you have booked a hotel in Marmaris. For example, you can visit the village in the morning and enjoy the beach and sea in the afternoon. Around the town you will find several beautiful bays where you can snorkel nicely.

Hotels in and around Marmaris

This holiday resort is very popular. That is why there is also a varied hotel offer. When choosing your overnight accommodation, you can take the following into account:

• location: near the bustling center or rather quieter?
• all-inclusive or would you rather go to a restaurant every day?
• hotel that is suitable for children or rather an “adult-only” hotel?
• large-scale with many amenities or rather small-scale attractive?

Do you want to be near the seaside resort but still prefer something quieter? Then you can also opt for Turunc. This seaside resort is about 20 kilometers away from Marmaris. Here is a bit more quiet and yet you are smooth in the city.

10. Go to the diving station

Go to the diving station
Go to the diving station

No matter if you are a beginner or a real professional diver, the colorful underwater world off Marmaris ’coast will surely enchant you. Of course you can also snorkel a little on the beach with your own diving goggles, but you can only get to the best diving spots by boat. On full-day diving trips you will be instructed in the art of diving and can show you the most beautiful reefs and the most colorful fish. An unforgettable experience!

What to see and do in Marmaris Turkey

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What are the best ultimate things to see and do for tourists in Marmaris?

A: The best ultimate things to see and do for tourists in Marmaris to travelers are:

  • Jeep Safari Tour
  • Pamukkale & Lycian Coast
  • Visiting Marmaris Castle
  • Marmaris Bazaar Market
  • Icmeler Beach
  • Turtle-Beach – Mud Bath

Q: What are the best family friendly activities in Marmaris?

A: The best activities for family friendly in Marmaris are:

  • Aegean İsland Boat Trip
  • Fishing Trip
  • Pirate Boat Trip
  • Daily Boat Trip
  • Atlantis Waterpark
  • Go Karting Tour

Q: What are the top-rated attractions & things to do in Marmaris?

A: The top-rated attractions & things to do in Marmaris for budget travelers are:

  • Talk of the Town Show
  • Jeep Safari trip in Marmaris
  • Quad & Buggy Safari Tour
  • Meet with the Dolphins in Marmaris
  • Watersport activities, Ringo Banana Fly fish

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