What can I take with me to Marmaris Turkey?

List of items you can take to Marmaris Turkey with you

What can I take with me to Marmaris Turkey

Depending on the length of your vacation and the season, you can put your things together on your packing list. If you stay in a hotel, then festive outfits for evening entertainment or visits to the bar are also included. In summer you will definitely wear fresh laundry and light clothing every day in Marmaris Turkey. Summer dresses, blouses, tops and T-shirts should be on your packing list as well as shorts, skirts or light leggings for underneath. A pair of jeans and a warm jacket for cooler nights should not be missing.

Protect your head from the intense sun with a covering so that you can enjoy the beach as well as the city stroll or the shopping tour extensively. Several bikini or swimsuits allow you to let your wet swimwear dry and still enjoy the sun. Out of respect for the religion in Marmaris Turkey you will always swim clothed and also sunbathe.

No matter which season you’re traveling to Marmaris, be sure to pack in layers?

For the vacation trip to Marmaris Turkey you need a valid passport. Also think of appropriate children’s IDs if you are going to travel with children. Travel literature, travel games and other entertainment items help everyone to relax.  Since the authorities sometimes need a few weeks to issue the passports, make the applications well in advance of your vacation. The booking confirmation and travel documents inform you about departure times, flight numbers and also the check-in formalities.

What should I bring to Marmaris Turkey?

Often it is possible to check in your luggage the day before, so you don’t have to wait in line when you take off. Ask your health insurance provider whether they will send you additional documents for an emergency in Marmaris Turkey and in any case take out foreign health insurance. You then supplement these documents with your identity card, your health insurance card and, if available, EC or credit card.

Backpacks & bags

If you are a backpacker, panniers will help you keep things tidy. You can stow away underwear, T-shirts and everything else in a space-saving manner and do not always have to take all the individual parts out of your backpack in search of THE piece. If you pack your suitcase for your Marmaris Turkey vacation, then compression bags are a great relief.

When they are packed, they are deprived of air and then a lot of these bags fit in your suitcase. In your hand luggage you have your mobile phone, the charger, your documents and travel documents, your money and your papers. You can also carry liquids with you if you put them in resealable 1 liter plastic bags. Duty-free purchased liquids can be carried with the receipt and sealed.


You are well equipped with light footwear for travel and time on the beach and a pair of suitable shoes for evening outfits. If you also explore the natural and antique beauties, then you also need sturdy shoes. On the hotel’s own beaches and the well-known city beaches you will usually find enough loungers with cushions. Since it can get very hot in summer, the best way to protect your feet is with flip-flops.


In the tourist strongholds you will almost always get English daily newspapers. If you subscribe to a newspaper or magazine at home, you can also arrange for it to be forwarded to you on vacation.

Bathing / beach

For safety reasons, write two beach towels on your packing list, then you can always hang one to dry. Quick-drying travel towels are light and practical for every vacation.

1. inflatable toy / boat
2. inflatable lounger / sofa
3. Bathing shoes on stone beaches Fins
4. Swimming goggles / snorkel / mask 
5. Water wings
6. Parasol
7. Beach shell 
8. Beach safe / money hideaway
9. Beach towels (my favorite)

Technical equipments

Our cell phone now replaces the alarm clock, the radio, the television … but if the battery is empty, nothing works anymore. Put the charging cable of your mobile phone in your hand luggage. Take your headphones with you so that you can listen to your music on the beach or while hiking. If you are traveling with children, the baby monitor is a great help. You have your darling under supervision and can still sit together with friends in the evening. You can easily use all your electrical devices in Marmaris Turkey, because the same sockets are used there as we do.

Table of Contents

  1. What can I import into Turkey?
  2. What am I not allowed to import into Turkey?
  3. What do I have to consider when leaving the country?

What can I import into Turkey?

  • Unlimited Forex
  • Personal items, medicine and medicines with a total value of up to € 300
  • Tobacco and alcohol from the age of 18 and in limited quantities:
    • Cigarettes (600 pieces)
    • Cigarillos (100 pieces) or cigars (50 pieces)
    • Cigarette tobacco or pipe tobacco (250g)
    • Cigarette paper (200 pieces)
    • Blue tobacco (200g)
    • Snuff  tobacco(50g)
    • Alcoholic beverages> 22% vol. (1L)
    • Alcoholic beverages <22% vol. (1L)
  • Perfume, oils and lotions (600ml)
  • Skin care products and toiletries (5 pieces)
  • Coffee (1kg)
  • Instant coffee (1kg)
  • Tea (1kg)
  • Chocolate (1kg)
  • Other sweets (1kg)
  • Jewelry (up to 15,000 euros)


What do you take with you to Marmaris Turkey?

It is prohibited to import weapons, cutting tools and narcotics into Marmaris Turkey..

What do I have to consider when leaving the country?

So-called “cultural and natural assets” may not be exported without the appropriate permission. These include antiques, old coins but also supposedly worthless things like stones, fossils or the like. The authorities also interpret very precisely what this includes. Violators face high prison terms and fines.

When exchanging money, care must be taken to keep the receipt until you leave, as it must be presented in advance when changing to euros. In addition, a maximum of $ 5,000 worth of cash may be exported without prior notice.

Souvenirs and other goods brought from Turkey must not exceed certain quantities and amounts. It also depends on how you enter and leave. For air and ship travel the maximum value is 430 euros. In any case, receipts and invoices should also be kept here in order to be able to prove the value of the goods in case of doubt. In order to avoid misunderstandings and penalties, it is advisable to report valuable items such as laptops, digital cameras, and the like to customs before starting your trip.

1. Packing list documents & means of payment:

I have summarized Turkey’s entry and customs regulations in a separate article.

  • Valid passport or ID card for citizens of England and Scottland.
  • Valid passport for English citizens. Entry as an English is possible with an identity card. An online visa has no longer been necessary for English since March 2, 2020.

Recommended: Copy your passport and put it in a transparent film! Keep the copy in a different place in your luggage than your passport!

  • Plane tickets: (and to the train ticket to the airport)
  • Booking confirmation and travel voucher
  • Transfer booking confirmation: (if booked separately)
  • Write down the hotel address and phone number
  • Write down the phone number of your tour operator in Turkey
  • Think of your insurance card and travel insurance!
  • Cash, for security and to change them in Turkey in Lira
  • Note with the most important emergency numbers in Turkey
  • Credit card, withdraw cash and, in an emergency, for unexpected bills. If you don’t have a travel credit card, the permanent toll-free Genial Visa Card. Bank is my recommendation. You can withdraw money free of charge in Turkey, at home and the rest of the world and pay with your card.

If necessary

  • Driving license
  • Diving license and log book
  • Vaccination card
  • Student ID card

2. Packing list storage

Turkish airlines have very generous baggage regulations. For summer flights with Turkish Airlines, 30kg checked baggage is included in the normal tariff.

In addition to checked baggage, Turkish airlines allow at least 8kg of hand baggage. This also applies to cheap charter airlines such as SunExpress.

  • my favorite big suitcase, hard shell, good wheels, 82 liter volume…
  • Osprey Farpoint 40: practical hand luggage backpack, in which my notebook, cameras and other utensils have space.
  • Foldable backpack: a backpack that can be crumpled to the size of a fist. Extremely practical as additional luggage or beach bag in Turkey.
  • My hand luggage suitcase for short trips, accepted by all airlines.
  • Always pack your liquids in a sealable bag. If you only fly with hand luggage, you have to put all liquids in a transparent bag with a maximum capacity of 1 liter anyway, the Tatonka Zip Flight Bag is suitable for this.

3. Packing list clothes:

For a summer vacation or a city break in Turkey:

  • Bikini / swim shorts
  • T-Shirts
  • Tops
  • Shorts
  • Cloth trousers
  • Hooded sweater
  • Cardigan
  • underwear
  • Sports bra (dries quickly and is breathable, no sweat)
  • Sports socks (dry quickly and are breathable, no sweat)
  • Flip-Flopps
  • Sandals
  • Sneaker
  • Sarong – suitable as a cloth against the sun, beach dress, bedspread and scarf on an airplane

Additional packing list for the winter in Turkey

  • Rain jacket: in the months from November to March, rain also falls on the south coast every few days.
  • Fleece jacket or another thin jacket: the temperatures drop to 10 ° on the south coast in December and January.
  • Thick winter jacket: for Cappadocia, Central Anatolia and the Black Sea coast in winter.
  • sweater

4. Packing list technology:

Charging cables, beach entertainment, photography and more

  • Music (iPod, etc.)
  • Digicam with camera bag, charging cable, spare battery, memory card, USB adapter and a card reader. A light camera that I use to shoot a lot of my photos is the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark ii.
  • GoPro action camera: perfect for sports, diving and swimming …
  • Notebook: you store your photos on it.
  • headphone
  • Power Tube (charges your devices on the beach, very practical …)
  • the perfect alternative to a real book on the beach. So you have a lot of reading material with you without having to pack a heavy weight in your suitcase.
  • Travel hair dryer (from 3 stars each hotel has a hair dryer in the room)
  • Games against boredom (How about the good old Gameboy or cards?)

5. Packing list travel items:

Little things that are sometimes incredibly useful!

  • Sunglasses with a case
  • Neck pillow for the flight: You can’t sit more comfortably on an airplane.
  • Sleeping mask: together with the neck pillow, the time on the plane passes like sleeping.
  • Earplugs: so that nobody can really disturb you while sleeping.
  • iPod / Music: I love my good old iPod for the beach. I have had it for over 10 years. Unfortunately, Apple no longer produces the original model with the titanium case. There is now the iPod Nano with the navigation of the old iPod.
  • Books / reading for the beach
  • Card games
  • Travel guide of your holiday region
  • Suitcase tag
  • Ballpoint pen and notepad
  • Turkish travel dictionary
  • Sun milk
  • Sun milk for children (min UV 30, better UV 50). The midday sun is very strong in Marmaris
  • Beach sheet (or a travel towel)
  • Beach bag
  • Aftersun cream
  • Compression bags (more space and order in the suitcase / backpack)
  • Waterproof travel bag (dry bag)

6. Packliste Reiseapotheke:

Good preparation for the “small bruises”

I wrote my own article about the contents of a Marmaris first-aid kit, you can find a lot more in it there.

Basically, you do not have to give any special medication to the travel pharmacy for Turkey, since there is no malaria and diarrhea is rare.

  • Personal medication
  • Nausea / motion sickness (Vomex)
  • Spray against insect bites (or a sting healer)
  • Pain reliever (paracetamol)
  • Cold / runny nose – nasal spray for adults and children
  • Neck and neck pain (Bronchipret juice 100 ml)
  • Diarrhea (imodium / activated carbon tablets / electrolyte solution)
  • Waterproof plasters
  • A little bandage
  • Ointment
  • Mosquito spray: is usually not really necessary on the beach as mosquitoes are well controlled in Turkey.
  • Tiger Balm: against mosquito bites

Useful: I recommend foreign health insurance for Turkey, since many services of private clinics are not covered by the statutory health insurance companies.

7. Packing list children:

So that the “little ones” start their vacation perfectly equipped…

  • Your own passport! (Children must have their own passport)
  • Travel documents children
  • Clothes children
  • toys
  • Medicines for children
  • Baby food
  • Diapers
  • Sun hat / sunglasses for children

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