What are the best car rental company in Antalya?

The best car rental company in Antalya is aegean rental car and cheapest month is in December. With the rental car in Antalya from aegean car rental you are guaranteed to find the best vehicle at the cheapest price on their site.. With an average price of around 30 euros per day, you can rent a car in Antalya comparatively cheap all year round. It is primarily the low season from November to February, in which top conditions are guaranteed. For example, in November 2019 the daily price for renting a car in Antalya was 24 euros. Towards the summer, rates rise due to the high number of visitors. A first peak of around 30 euros per day is reached in June..

What is the best car rental company in Antalya?
What is the best car rental company in Antalya?

Where do I get the best deals on a rental car in Antalya?

 Visit Antalya, the beautiful Turkish city where you can find everything a vacationer’s heart desires. Whether kilometers of sandy beaches, vibrant nightlife, traditional markets or fresh citrus and tomatoes; the city on the Mediterranean offers something for every taste. The city’s hotels can be reached within a few minutes from the airport, so your vacation can start right away. With one of aegean cheap rental cars, you can also explore the diverse surroundings, which in addition to the popular villages of the Turkish Riviera also offer the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Antalya is the capital of the Turkish province of the same name on the Mediterranean in southern Turkey. Due to tourism and the strong economy, the city is enjoying rapid growth and has reached the 1 million inhabitant limit in recent years. Over 25 million passengers use Antalya Airport every year. Most visitors do not stay in the city, however, but continue to the holiday strongholds on the Turkish Riviera.

Antalya is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey and has a variety of leisure activities and sights to offer. The Mediterranean climate ensures hot and dry summers and moderate winters with some rainy days. Vacationers can expect constant temperatures above 20 degrees between May and November. If you are planning your vacation in summer, you should make sure that a rental car with air conditioning is provided at the car rental in Antalya.

First, drive your rental car in Antalya’s beautiful old town. Stroll through the winding streets and pay attention to the ornate old buildings. Finally, arrive at the Yivli Minareli minaret. The mosque, built in 1373, is Antalya’s landmark and has 12 arched columns on which 6 domes are enthroned. Works of art are sold in the affiliated former Quran school.

Then visit one of the typical Turkish markets and immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle. The exotic scent of herbs makes the visit an experience for the senses. Whether fresh fruit, vegetables, handmade goods or live animals: Here you will find products of all kinds. Remember that the prices are not fixed prices but negotiable. Here you can test your bargaining skills and, with a little patience, celebrate small and large successes in bargaining.

But water sports enthusiasts will also get their money’s worth in Antalya. The impressive coastal landscapes with the crystal clear water invite you to rafting, sailing and diving. Of course, you can also simply enjoy the sun on the miles of beaches and cool off in the turquoise blue sea every now and then.

Discover Antalya’s surroundings with a rental car

Drive your rental car from Antalya to the east, where you will reach the Viaduct of Aspendos after an hour’s drive. The mighty Roman buildings are relatively unknown and hardly frequented by tourists. But that’s why they’re no less impressive. The mighty building was originally designed for fresh water supply and is still very well preserved today. If you continue towards the Aspendos Theater, you will also reach the associated ancient city, whose stairways and houses have hardly been researched. The low level of package tourism makes this place all the more attractive for visitors who want to discover the surrounding area on their own.

Leave your rental car in Antalya at the harbor and treat yourself to a day trip with the wooden ship. Glide past picturesque bays and small, densely overgrown islands for hours. There are always opportunities to swim in the crystal-clear water at will or to admire the colorful underwater wildlife while snorkeling. At lunchtime there is a meal to be strengthened, which is prepared on board by the ship’s own cook. These boat tours are offered at the port by several providers for cheap 25 to 35 euros if you travel to the port in Antalya by rental car yourself. Don’t miss out on visiting nearby cities like Dalaman. Or use the time and visit the beautiful tourist town Belek, which is only 30 km away. The beautiful city of Kemer is also always worth a visit.

Car rental at Antalya Airport

At the airport you can rent a car from twelve Turkish and international companies. It is best to book your rental car cheaply before departure with aegean car rental to secure the best offers. On site, all you have to do is present your documents to the car rental company to receive the key for your rental car. The car rental counters are located directly in the terminals and are not far from the baggage claim area. You only have a short walk. You will find two other landlords in front of the terminal building at the parking lots.

If you need help with orientation, the ground staff will give you all the information you need. If you have reached the car rental, rent a car here cheaply. The car rental staff will then explain the route to the pick-up station and give you all the important information you need for a vacation in Antalya with a rental car.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the cheapest car rental company in Antalya?

In the last 7 days, the cheapest car rental in Antalya was 20 £.

Where can I find car rentals in Antalya?

You can find car rentals in Antalya city center such as aegean rental car

What papers do I need to rent a car in Antalya?

In addition to your vehicle you need driving license and copy of your passport.

Are there special traffic rules to be observed in and around Antalya?

Even if locals like to overtake on the right and cut corners, it is advisable as a driver of a rental car in Antalya to adhere to the prescribed traffic regulations. There is a belt requirement and an absolute ban on alcohol. The following maximum speeds apply: 50 km / h in built-up areas 90 km.

What car rental companies are there in Antalya?

Here is a selection of car rental companies in Marmaris: aegean rental car

What papers do I need to rent a car in Antalya?

In addition to your vehicle and driving license and copy of passport.

Do I need an international driver’s license for a rental car??

An international driver’s license is not required for the non-EU country Turkey, but is recommended.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Antalya on average?

The average price to rent a car in Antalya is 20 £.

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