Tips for excursions with Children & Couples in Marmaris

Get the best excursions tips with Childrens & Couples in Marmaris

Tips for excursions with Children & Couples in Marmaris
Tips for excursions with Children & Couples in Marmaris


On our daily excursions in Marmaris couples with children can enjoy the untouched nature and fresh air together. We’d like to start with a few basic tips to make things easier when you do excursions in Marmaris with your children or family. but in Marmaris there are lots of little things you can do to make your excursions better too.

Boat trips, Horse safari and waterpark will be a great experience for couples. Or discover the turtle beach. When the children are no longer very small, they can even take a diving course or snorkel with our boat trip.

If you want to combine sport, fun and nature on a cool trip, you are guaranteed to visit the Horse safari tour. At the children’s photo shoot or family photo shoot, the fun is certainly not neglected and the pictures make you remember the great day for a long time. How could you make your free time better and nicer than with these and other unforgettable activities?

Get the best excursions tips with your Children & Couples in Marmaris
Get the best excursions tips with your Children & Couples in Marmaris

The summer months are the highlight of the tourist season. At that time a lot of foreign tourists come to the spa. If you want to spend a lot of time on city walks and excursions, the best thing to do is visit Marmaris in autumn or spring, as the hot weather in summer can violate your recovery plans.

Today I would like to introduce you to a special treasure on the Turkish Aegean: Marmaris, the small harbor town in the southwest of the country. It is hidden inconspicuously behind an archipelago, and the place and its varied region has a lot to offer.

It is not without reason that the tourist resort is so popular with travelers from all over the world. I will tell you tips about excursions and attractions you can do with you children in Marmaris and will give you information about the surrounding area that will make your vacation unforgettable.

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Nothing is nicer than experiencing adventures with your partner or kids. Here are a few tips on how to spend a few romantic hours for two even on a small budget:

A) The most important tips for sightseeing in Marmaris:

  • Entry to state sights can only be paid in Turkish Lira. This affects almost all museums and ancient ruins.
  • You can book day trips online. The local offers are the cheapest. The hotel deals are the most expensive.

B) List of sights and activities in Marmaris:

  • Marmaris old town: It was largely destroyed by an earthquake. What is left is today’s old town. It contains the bazaar, shopping streets, bars, restaurants, etc.
  • Marmaris Castle: A 16th century castle on the harbor.
  • Marmaris Kervansaray: A kervansaray has been a protected trading post for caravans. Today there are musical events and Turkish night show.
  • Ephesus: The ruins of the ancient city are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With the Artemis Temple, they are home to one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.
  • Pamukkale and Hierapolis: The most booked excursion on the south coast: With the limestone terraces and thermal springs of Pamukkale and the ruins of Hierapolis.
  • Rhodes: day trip to the nearby Greek island by fast ferry.
  • Kaunos and Dalyan Ruins: Boat trip to the Kaunos Ruins on the Dalyan Delta and Iztuzu Beach.
  • Cleopatra Island: Day trip by boat to Cleopatra Island and Gökova Bay.
  • Water sports: Marmaris offers everything that is expected from a seaside resort: diving, jet skiing, parasailing, fishing, sailing trips.
  • Aquapark Marmaris: slide paradise with various water pools.
  • Jeep Safari: Excursion in the mountains with an off-road jeep.
  • Marmaris National Park: Ride or hike through the park. Discover pine forests, orange groves and the untouched nature of the park.
  • Hamam (Turkish bath): A combination of a Turkish steam bath and a massage.
  • Bazaar: “Fashion Bazaar” and the regular bazaar of Marmaris. Great things are hidden between souvenirs and fake branded clothing.

C) Beach in and around Marmaris

The coast of Marmaris is: 10 kilometers of beach, surfing, diving, banana boat, parasailing, kite surfing, beach bars …

So you will find everything that makes a good beach vacation.

The fine pebble beaches of Marmaris are 10 to 15 meters wide. Some club complexes have bothered to fill up a sandy beach.

The top beaches are:

  • Public Beach (city beach): Forms the coastline between the port and the outskirts. The central beach with lots of activities and hotels nearby.
  • Icmeler Beach: Is eight kilometers outside of downtown Marmaris. A wide pebble beach with good infrastructure: beach bars, loungers, accessible by bus or taxi boat.
  • Turtle Beach: Ships to Turtle Beach start at the port of Marmaris. It is a nesting site for the Caretta Caretta turtle.
  • Iztuzu Beach in Dalyan: One of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. It is protected. Day trips by boat to the beach are offered from Marmaris.
  • Gökova Bay: The best wind conditions for your kiteboard are offered by the sandy beach of Gökova Bay. The bay, visited by few tourists, is an hour’s drive from Marmaris.

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