Most Popular Trips & Excursions in Antalya

The most popular trips & excursions in Antalya include prices:

We have listed the most popular trips & excursions in Antalya for you.

Antalya Excursion Prices Available Days Price*
Antalya Rafting Tour Everyday /         7 Hours £ 40
Turkish Bath Everyday/          10 Hours £ 25
Excursion To Pamukkale Mon-Wed-Sat/ 11 Hours £ 40
Excursion to Ephesus Thu-Sun /          11 Hours £ 40
Antalya Boat Trip Everyday /         6 Hours £ 25
Jeep Safari Tour Everyday /         6 Hours £ 25


Antalya is located on the Turkish Riviera and is the largest international seaside resort in Turkey, with no less than 1.5 million inhabitants. It is also the capital of the province of the same name and a good base for those who want more than just a beach holiday. It is a large city with a rich culture, divided into several neighborhoods. For the culture lover, the old district of Kaleici is the most attractive, for a beach holiday you can go as a tourist in one of the many all-inclusive hotels on the outskirts of Antalya (near Lara and Konyaalti.

Here are the most popular trips in Antalya for an travelers.

Many English, German, Russian and Dutch people go on holiday to Antalya Turkey every year. Seaside resorts such as Alanya, Antalya, Belek, Side, Finike and Kemer are very popular destinations. Besides beautiful sights, there are also cool boat trips in and around Antalya. Turkey is a beautiful country with many beautiful and interesting places to visit.

Are you planning a relaxing holiday on the Turkish Riviera? Fantastic beaches, deep blue water and the imposing Taurus Mountains as a backdrop: the ideal place to relax. But it would be a shame if you only spend your days at the pool or beach. The region between Kemer and Antalya offers a variety of different boat trips that are waiting to be discovered by you. In the following we would like to introduce you to a few, maybe your spirit of discovery will be awakened.

A trip on a yacht ship – the best option for anyone who likes to enjoy the beautiful coast. During this boat trip you can enjoy the beautiful landscape, the caves and other fantastic places. for a children, what is the best & most popular boat trips in Antalya? The best option for anyone who likes to enjoy the beautiful coast is the pirate ship boat trip, this pirate ship boat trip is one of the most attended boat trips in Antalya.

You can experience and enjoy the beautiful bays and coves around Antalya with this all inclusive boat trip. You can swim in the open sea or on the coast, participate in the foam party and exciting competitions. Boat trips in Antalya can be considered one of the most popular activities in Turkey, because who doesn’t love sunbathing on a yacht overlooking the coast.

Best & Most Popular Boat Trips in Antalya
Best & Most Popular Boat Trips in Antalya

Below you can easily choose a daily boat trip for your holiday in Antalya. Fun and adventurous activities and sights to undertake from the holiday city of Antalya

1. Green Canyon boat trip with lunch

Green Canyon boat trip with lunch
Green Canyon boat trip with lunch

A boat trip from Antalya to the Green Canyon is not only a fun adventure, it is also the only way to see Turkey’s famous emerald green lake. Relax and unwind as you glide past lush forests and make your way to the fourth largest dam in the country. Enjoy unlimited drinks and a tasty buffet lunch. You pass rugged cliffs and dense forests and get a glimpse into the crystal clear, Caribbean colored waters.

A relaxing boat trip to Green Canyon, Turkey’s emerald lake – with buffet lunch and drinks Get a first look at the fourth largest dam in the country, the only one open to boats Enjoy unparalleled access to the lush, green landscape and shimmering turquoise waters Perfect for all ages: you’re guaranteed a family-friendly adventure.

2. Antalya Pirate Ship Boat Trip

Are your kids a fan of “Pirates of the Caribbean”? Or do you like sailing on the sea? Then the Antalya Pirate Ship boat trip is exactly what you need. sail across the beautiful open Mediterranean Sea. This excursion allows you to completely relax so that you can immerse yourself in your thoughts and dreams. We will take you to four different caves and to the beach of Cleopatra, while the children are entertained by the animation staff and participate in games related to the program. This allows you to relax while the children are entertained.

A sea of ​​positive emotions will surface during this excursion – you will come back from Antalya with the irresistible will to visit this beautiful place again.

What can be seen during the Antalya Pirate Ship Excursion?

The boat trip in Antalya will be very pleasant and safe. On the deck there are comfortable chairs, both in the sun and in the shade.

The Antalya pirate ship  boat trip will start at 9:00 AM. A comfortable bus takes you from the hotel to the luxury yacht where you can board at around 10:00. From the Pirate Boat in Antalya there is a beautiful view of the city. Here you will have the chance to view the Pirate Cave, which is said to have been home to real pirates. In addition, the pirate ship will sail along the and the Phosphorus Cave.

Here you can take pictures to save your memories. You can also feed the fish that you can see swimming through the clear water. The boat trip in Antalya also offers the possibility to take a beautiful bays of Antalya.

Then the Antalya Pirate Ship Excursion takes you to an area where you can swim in the open sea. If you are successful you can spot dolphins in the distance!

Antalya Pirate Ship Boat Trip
Antalya Pirate Ship Boat Trip

3. Antalya Sunset Boat Trip

Sunset boat trip in Antalya is a great opportunity to see all the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean coast in the evening and swim in the warm waters of the sunset sea. You will visit the famous caves of the peninsula and admire the beautiful city of Antalya.

Antalya Sunset Boat Trip is a special excursion for those who want to discover the evening time of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Turkey is a beautiful country that opens the door for tourists from all over the world. This is not surprising, because you can relax here free of charge thanks to the all-inclusive service system. People come here to lie on the best beaches, each with their own history. for these options we offer you this excursion suitable for singles and families.

Antalya Sunset Boat Trip
Antalya Sunset Boat Trip

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular Trips & Excursions in Antalya?

The most popular Trips & Excursions in Antalya according to travelers are:

  1. Pirate Boat Trip
  2. Antalya Daily Boat Trip
  3. Green Canyon Daily Boat Trip

How much are the boat trips in Antalya?

The prices of boat trips in Antalya are:

  1. Pirate boat trip £ 25
  2. Antalya Daily Boat Trip £ 20
  3. Green Canyon Daily Boat Trip £ 25

Where can i book the boat trip in Antalya?

This is the page where you can book your boat trips in Antalya:
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  1. Antalya boat trip £ 15

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