Most Popular Things to do in Marmaris

Guide of the most popular things to do in Marmaris

Most Popular Things to do in Marmaris
Most Popular Things to do in Marmaris

Most popular things to do in Marmaris are daily boat trip for who like the sea and sunbathing, Turkish bath hamam is for massage lovers, Ephesus is for history lovers. Pamukkale is for sightseeing lovers and the Waterpark is for people who loves slides and sunbathing with their kids under the sun are the most popular things to do in Marmaris. These are great ways to improve your vacation and make it incredible. Don’t leave it to chance! Make a reservation today and relax.

The city of Marmaris is a popular destination for divers. There are several dive centers in Marmaris that organize guided dive trips and excursions and provide lessons for inexperienced people.

Shopping is also an experience in Marmaris. There is something for every wallet. From real designers and boutiques to market stalls selling really fake. There are also shops in the bazaar offering traditional Turkish goods such as carpets and sandals. You will find everything you are looking for.

What are the most popular things to do in Marmaris?

To visit the Marmaris center and icmeler beach are one of the most popular things to do in Marmaris resort. There are also several of activities such as jeep safari and daily boat trip in Marmaris, this are also most prefered things for Marmaris visitors for all ages. Our travel agency  offer tickets for all  this most popular things to do in Marmaris.

These are the 8 Most Popular Things to do in Marmaris

Here we will give you the list of Most popular things to do in Marmaris:

1. Ephesus

For culture lovers and lovers of classical antiquity, an trip to Ephesus from Marmaris is an absolute must. It is the most important ancient city of Turkey. An trip to the city takes a whole day and it is a tiring undertaking, because there is a lot to see in Ephesus! Accompanied by a guide, you will take a walk along various ruins, such as the amphitheater, the library and the Hadrian’s Temple.

Ephesus from Marmaris

2. Rhodes

You can easily take a day trip to Rhodes from Marmaris. The crossing takes less than an hour and you have enough time to explore the island. You can choose to spend the whole day in Rhodes town and see the various sights there. Be sure to visit the Palace of the Grand Masters. If you want to see more of Rhodes you can take an island tour.

day trip to Rhodes from Marmaris


3. Pamukkale

An excursion to Pamukkale from Marmaris offers a combination of culture and nature. You will visit the remains of the ancient city of Hierapolis, where the necropolis is particularly impressive, but the theater and the temple of Apollo are also worth a visit. The main tourist attraction of Pamukkale, however, are the limestone terrace formations. The basins, which are colored white by limescale, are filled with warm spring water. Pamukkale literally means cotton castle and when you look at the terraces you may understand what this name is based on.

excursion to Pamukkale from Marmaris

4. Turtle Beach Dalyan

On an excursion to Dalyan Turtle beach from Marmaris, take a boat tour of the ancient rock tombs at Dalyan and visit the turtle beach, the breeding ground of the rare Caretta Caretta turtle. Usually you will have time for a swim in the Köyğeniz lake and you will also visit the mud baths. A number of excursion providers combine a visit to Dalyan with a visit to nearby Kaunos where you can admire remains from ancient times.


excursion to Dalyan from Marmaris

5. Marmaris Boat Trip

Marmaris Boat trip is also one of the popular trip, regularly depart from Marmaris and Icmeler to secluded, idyllic bays and to offshore islands. During this trip you will see the most beautiful bays and islands around Marmaris and you will have the opportunity to swim and get a sun tan. A popular destination is Paradise Island, a peninsula near Marmaris with pine trees and beautiful nature.

Marmaris Boat Trip

6. Jeep Safari

A nice day out? Then take a look at the Jeep safari in Marmaris and get acquainted with the rugged nature of Marmaris on narrow sandy forest paths! During the Jeep safari you make a nice trip through the landscape of Marmaris and surroundings. But there are also several nice stopovers.

Along the way you will pass a nice beach where you can rest, a beautiful waterfall and a cliff with very nice views. Of course there is also a stop for a snack and a drink on the way. In addition to this cooling, a load of water pistols are also included to start a fun competition between the Jeeps!


Jeep safari in Marmaris

7. Waterpark

If you are on holiday with children, or if you like water fun, you can choose from two water parks. In both Atlantis Waterpark and Aqua Dream you will find several slides and several swimming pools, including children’s pools. The parks also have bars where you can eat and drink. Atlantis Park also houses a miniature golf course and an arcade with table football, air hockey and pool tables.

Marmaris waterpark

8. Turkish Bath Hamam

If you are in Marmaris, you cannot miss a visit to the Marmaris Turkish Bath Hamam. The Hamam itself is an important form of relaxation in Turkey and is part of the Turkish culture. Think of it as a few wonderful hours of relaxation after the intense evening before. There is a sauna, a steam and mud bath, a foam massage and you can relax in the relaxation room. And boys, don’t think this is not for you, because here you will find, in addition to the peace and quiet, the power to get back into the nightlife that night.

Marmaris Turkish Bath Hamam

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