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Icmeler Turkey

The picturesque holiday village icmeler is located 9 km from Marmaris on the Bozburun peninsula on the Turkish aegean sea. The Gulf of Gökova is in the north, the Mediterranean Sea in the south, the Datça Peninsula to the west, and Köycegiz with the lake of the same name in the east.

Icmeler originally a small place, has developed into a nice holiday place in the last few years. Hotels adorn the entire bay. There is a boat connection to Turunç and a good and inexpensive transport connection to Marmaris with the Dolmus (minibus) (shared taxi).

The city of İcmeler is located in a beautiful, picturesque bay in sunny south-west Turkey. From there an approximately ten kilometer long beach runs to the idyllic village of Marmaris. On the fine golden yellow beach there you will surely find a quiet place to sunbathe and relax during your vacation in Marmaris Icmeler. Surrounded by a unique landscape, you can enjoy the view of the impressive mountains of the Taurus Mountains and the sparkling sea water in the idyllic bay.

The warm Mediterranean invites to numerous water sports. From parasailing to jet skiing and diving, you can have a lot of fun in the cool water. A very special bathing experience awaits you on your vacation in Marmaris Marmaris has the one of the biggest waterpark called name Aqua Dream. In this unique water park with a variety of rapid water slides, bathing fun is inevitable. The dreamy port of Marmaris is also worth a visit. Stroll past small shops and restaurants on the promenade and let yourself be infected by the enchanted atmosphere. In addition to beautiful sailing boats, you will also find impressive cruise ships and magnificent yachts in the marina.

The Koycegiz lake near Dalaman is extremely impressive. You will immerse yourself in another world on an idyllic boat trip on the extensive lake surrounded by high mountains. A very popular destination is Cleopatra Island in the north of Marmaris, which impresses with a heavenly sandy beach. Book your holiday in Marmaris Icmeler safely and easily at the best price with alltours and experience the breathtaking landscape!.

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