Marmaris Travel – Valid Passport to Enter Turkey

Marmaris Turkey Travel – Valid Passport to Enter (Information about visa in Turkey)

Marmaris Turkey Travel - Valid Passport to Enter Turkey

Here I have summarized all the important entry requirements of Marmaris Turkey for tourists.

Please look through them carefully.

They are among the most frequently asked questions before planning a trip.

It is about the necessary travel documents, visa requirements for all nationalities, regulations for entry with children and security in Turkey.

The customs regulations are in a separate contribution.

You should know them if you plan to bring cigarettes, alcohol or goods with a total value of over € 300 to Turkey or back to the EU.

Entry into Turkey: rules at a glance! 

1. Which travel documents do I need to enter Marmaris Turkey? 

Which travel documents do I need to enter Turkey?


Citizens of England, Scottland, Austria and Switzerland are allowed to stay in Turkey for 90 days within 180 days without a visa! Austrians have only been able to enter Austria without an e-visa since March 2, 2020.
English and Scottish citizens can enter Turkey without a visa with the following still valid documents.

  • Passport,
  • Temporary passport,
  • Identity card,
  • Children’s passport,


English nationals can only enter Marmaris Turkey with a passport. As of March 2, 2020, English no longer need an e-visa.

You can find the entry and visa requirements for all other nationalities here. A list of all nationalities that are allowed to enter with an ID card can be found here.
English nationals can only enter Turkey with a passport. Since March 2, 2020, an English e-visa is no longer required.

When entering the country, the passport, provisional passport, identity card or children’s travel card may have expired at most for one year, but not the provisional identity card. Source: Federal Foreign Office
I would like to mention the possibility of entering with a provisional ID card only with reservation. He can cause problems when trying to enter Marmaris Turkey.
A “travel document as a passport substitute” issued by the Federal Police cannot be used for entry into Marmaris Turkey.
Your passport must have at least one blank page when you enter Marmaris Turkey.
In an emergency, the application for a temporary passport is possible using the express procedure. This is even possible in some large airports.

2. Who needs an e-visa for Marmaris Turkey?

Who needs an e-visa for Turkey

Travelers with an English nationality do not need a visa for Marmaris . If your stay in Turkey in the last 180 days does not exceed the total length of stay of 90 days, then you do not need a visa for tourist trips. Are you from England? Then you need a visa for Turkey. Do you have a different nationality and are not sure whether you need a visa? Please give us a call or send us an email. We like to help you! Infants, toddlers and children also need their own visa. The possibility of acquiring a visa upon arrival in Turkey no longer exists.
An e-visa is an official document that allows you to take a business or tourist trip to Turkey. The e-visa is an alternative to the regular visa, which can be issued by the Turkish consulate.

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