Dalyan Turtle Beach

What is there to do and see in Dalyan Turtle Beach

What is there to do and see in Dalyan Turtle Beach
What is there to do and see in Dalyan Turtle Beach

Dalyan Turtle Beach Mud Baths Kaunos is in south-west of Turkey, a large nature reserve is impressive. In addition to geological peculiarities and protected nature, thousands of years of culture can also be seen.

Turtle Beach at Dalyan is a natural peninsula. You can swim on both sides of the beach. On one side it is flat and child-friendly in the Mediterranean Sea, on the other side is the Dalyan Canal with the lagoon. The beach is one of the rare places where the magnificent sea turtles (Caretta caretta) lay their eggs.

The Iztuzustrand, a real natural paradise, has received a prize as one of the most beautiful natural beaches in the world. 

The sand is golden in color and very fine. The sea is extremely clean, clear and shallow. In ancient times, the Kaunians used Iztuzu both for salt production and as a port. It is known that the place was an important customs office and that the Kaunier traded here with salt, stockfish and among other things with slaves.

The length of the beach keeps changing a bit because the sand is constantly moving. It is sometimes a good 5, sometimes almost 6 km. long. Today only simple changing rooms and beach cafes can be set up here, the construction of larger facilities to protect the sea turtles is prohibited.

During the breeding season of Caretta caretta, pets such as cats or dogs are not permitted to protect the eggs laid on the beach.
Between 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. you are not allowed to enter the beach.

Mud bath or Turtles watching

Mud bath or Turtles watching
Mud bath or Turtles watching

Typical of Dalyan are the Lycian rock tombs on the opposite bank of the reed-covered river delta. They are stuck high above the city on the mountain. The tombs date from the period between the 6th and 4th centuries BC and with their columns resemble Greek temples.

Many of the former fishermen exchanged their barges for excursion boats with soft seat cushions, barbecue grill and cool box. They sail the vacationers either to Lake Köycegiz with a stop at the Sultaniye thermal baths, where one can wallow for the beauty in the mud. Or they take the vacationers to the beach, which is actually called Iztuzu, but is named Caretta Beach after the turtles. Those who prefer to use public transport can travel with a Dolmus boat.

The journey takes around three quarters of an hour. First guest houses and restaurants line the bank, then houses that gradually become easier over time. Finally you can only see lush reeds on the bank. The river spreads and lazily winds past small islands to the sea. With a little luck and good eyesight you can observe kingfishers and eagles, sea frogs and snakes like the dice snake also live here.

At some point thatched parasols appear between all the reeds. They stand in rows between the wooden loungers on the beach, in front of which the blue sea glows. Hell is going on here in the summer, in the pre-season only a few brave ones dare to go into the cold water. The day trippers prefer to stroll around in the sand. Due to the location between the sea and the river, the beach resembles a large sandbar.

 On the rock tombs of the Lycian Kaunos

On the rock tombs of the Lycian Kaunos
On the rock tombs of the Lycian Kaunos

What you can see on this boat trip like an imposing backdrop: the rock tombs of ancient Kaunos, which date from the Lycian period. A total of 167 such rock tombs were counted here, some appearing a little lower, little more than a niche or cave, others appearing higher, like temples with colonnades. Usually three family members were buried in such rock tombs – although for a long time the scientists were more concerned with how the graves could be carved into the steep rock.

Most of the graves were clearly too high to build from scaffolding. The answer: The construction workers, mostly slaves, were let down with ropes from the mountain tops to the selected places, then hung in the air to do their dangerous work – whereby in some graves more slaves could have died than family members there were buried.

Apart from the rock tombs, you hardly see anything of Kaunos on the boat trip. Only the remains of the ancient theater and some other ruins can be seen indistinctly in the distance.

Along the river you will find several mud baths where you can rub yourself from head to toe with the brown stuff. Let it dry in the sun and then rinse in the shower and see there: you look twenty years younger! You can choose to take a trip to the mud baths as an excursion with your tour company, but I highly recommend that you simply arrange a boat in the small harbor of Dalyan. The tour companies take about fifteen large boats to the mud baths, which are then overrun by tourists. Better to go yourself and then have the baths all to yourself.

Places to visit around Dalyan

Dalyan Turtle Beach Mud Baths Kaunos.  The attractions in the area do not consist of tourist things such as water parks and golf courses. The area is particularly known for its beautiful nature. Thanks to the beautiful surroundings, nice sights have arisen.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers provided below are based on answers previously given by the trips provider to customers’ questions.

Q: Where is Dalyan Turtle Beach in Turkey?

A: Dalyan Turtle beach is 68 km from Marmaris Turkey, more commonly known as Dalyan, lies 35 kilometres from the popular touristic Turkish city Fethiye, between the popular vacations spot Marmaris, Mugla Province.

Does ( Dalyan ) Turtle Beach have a sandy beach?

( Dalyan ) Turtle Beach is quite a unique beach. In fact, it is so much more than a beach. It is a sandy stretch of about 4km at the end of a river delta, surrounded by pine-clad mountains. this beach has been hometown of caretta carettas since hundreds of years.

Q: Where can you see turtles in Dalyan?

Turtles are on the Dalyan iztuzu beach where the Caretta Caretta sea turtles living: There are active, protected nesting sites for Caretta caretta in Dalyan Turtle Beach, and turtles can be seen in many waters around iztuzu beach.

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