Best Marmaris Beaches

Where is the Best Marmaris & Icmeler Beaches

Where is the Best Marmaris & Icmeler Beaches?

If you go to Marmaris or Icmeler Turkey on a summer sun holiday, you don’t skip the beach! Where can you best work on your tan? We recommend the most beautiful beaches around the coast of Marmaris.

Marmaris has many sandy beaches, but Turtle beach and Cleopatra beach is one of the top beach in Marmaris where people mostly prefer to swim and that’s the reason why thousands of nationalities visit it every year.  The entire Icmeler promenade can be reached on foot in 20 minutes. You can also walk to Marmaris along the promenade. The total length of the Marmaris-Icmeler dam is approx. 15 km.

Marmaris is particularly popular with tourists from Europe (especially Dutch Russian German and English) who come here mainly for the silence and the purest air. Compared to Antalya, the main party center on the coast, Marmaris is very quiet. P According to the law, all cafes and bars are obliged to switch off the music at midnight, and there are simply no disco clubs in Marmaris. So at night nothing can stop you from enjoying the silence and walking through the beautiful streets of Marmaris.

Find the best places to swim with our list of the best beaches in Marmaris

1. The public beach of Marmaris & Icmeler

Best Marmaris Icmeler Beaches. Marmaris has two beaches. The public beach is located directly at the center. Entry is free and the beach is always accessible. On holiday in the high season? Then there is a good chance that you can join a party on the sand!

The coastal strip consists of small pebbles, so don’t forget your water shoes. The beach is quite narrow, but it slopes gently into the sea. Ideal for paddling in the sea with the kids.

Overnight tips in Marmaris Hotels: Pasa Beach  Hotel (score: 8.2) and Hotel Elegance (score: 8.6).

2. Uzunyali beach

Uzunyali beach Marmaris

The other beach of Marmaris is Unzunyali Beach, also called Long Beach. This vast stretch of coast is right next to the public beach. Imagine 8 miles of sandy beach along a pedestrian promenade. Lively cafes, restaurants and shops just steps away. Big advantage of this beach, there is free Wifi almost everywhere! For a few euros you can lie on a lounger with a parasol. If you buy a drink, you will be completely free.

Fancy some action? At this beach, you can get on a jet ski or race over the waves on a banana behind a boat.

3. Icmeler beach

From Marmaris you can easily reach Icmeler beach. You can easily reach the popular beach (about eight kilometers from the city) by bus or car. Rent a parasol or lounger and enjoy no less than six kilometers of fine soft sand. The beach is cleaned every day and is therefore always perfect.

Here, too, you can indulge yourself as a water sports enthusiast and you can even parasail! Enjoy the sun from the water? Rent a boat and go fishing at sea. The clear water also makes Icmeler beach a perfect place for diving or snorkeling.

Icmeler beach

4. Kizkumu beach


About half an hour’s drive from Marmaris is the beautiful Kizkumu beach at Orhaniye. Surrounded by pine forests, spread your towel here at a calm sea. What is special about this place is that you can walk very deep into the sea. The seabed divides the wave into two parts so that it does not get deeper when you walk further into the water.

Sad fact, Kizkumu (“girls’ sand”) gets its name from an old legend. The story goes that a young woman, unable to swim, wanted to cross the bay. She filled her dress with sand to make the crossing. Unfortunately, she got lost and drowned when the sand had gone up in the water.

5. Cleopatra beach

Considered by many to be the most beautiful beach in Turkey: Cleopatra Beach on the island of Sedir Adasi. This beach is located in a breathtaking bay about twenty kilometers from Marmaris. The fine sand and turquoise water provide that real tropical feeling.

This beach also has a special story: Marcus Antonius is said to have brought the fine sand out of the Red Sea especially for Cleopatra.

Just enough in the sun? Then visit the historic city of Kendreai, where you can visit the remains of old city walls and an authentic theater.

Cleopatra beach


6. Beach of Turunc

Turunc is located west of Marmaris. Turunc has a great beach with a blue flag. The beach nestles between green rolling hills and mountains and has an azure and calm sea. More hills can be seen on the other side of the bay.

7. Paradise) island beach

Paradise island is a peninsula covered with forests it has also best Marmaris Icmeler Beaches around. It is located half an hour from Marmaris. It is a pit stop for the daily touring boats. There are also some guest houses and restaurants. It is considered an excellent place for swimming and entertainment.

Paradise) island beach

8. Ciftlik beach

Transport from Marmaris is about two hours by sea. Sailors in particular choose this region for accommodation. The sandy beach and seaside restaurants attract visitors. There is also a small island in the bay.

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