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About Marmaris Travel Blog
About Marmaris Travel Blog

Marmaris is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and bays, by our travel blog you will get all information about your Marmaris Turkey vacation. the following article is just for you, because I will tell you everything you need to know about the Turkish city and throw helpful tips at Marmaris. But even if your travels have already led you to this great destination, let me tell you: there is always more to discover and you should definitely pay another visit to Marmaris.

The coastal city of Marmaris is definitely one of the pearls of the Turkish Aegean. Nature, culture and history and modern city life combine here in a unique way to form a holiday resort. This attracts about 5 times as many tourists per year as the locals live in the city. Nevertheless, Marmaris managed to maintain its incomparable character. Once there, I tried to absorb as much of the city as possible and get to know the wide variety of the place. Of course, I don’t want to withhold the ten most beautiful, impressive and interesting sights for my vacation in Turkey and have listed my top about Marmaris travel blog.

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More than a million of tourists choose Marmaris as their holiday destination on the mainland coast of the Turkish Aegean. The popularity of this region is based on the stable weather conditions throughout the season with guaranteed sunshine, the attractive coastal and island landscape and the excellent ratio of performance and price. The holidays in Marmaris are the perfect beach holiday with a maximum of water sports, cruises, outdoor activities and a hot nightlife.

From April to November the daily mean temperatures are over 20 degrees, from May to October even over 25 degrees. Summer, including September, gets really hot. Then the thermometer climbs over 30 degrees almost every day. Twelve hours of sunshine a day are the norm. During this time, you only have to expect rain one day a month. The night temperatures also reach up to 20 degrees, and a little more in July / August. The water temperatures are correspondingly pleasant.

They rise to 20 degrees in May and remain at 25 degrees or slightly above until September. There are no better conditions for a package holiday by the sea. Early bookers can get hold of the best hotels for a holiday in the high season, because it is precisely at this time that there are bottlenecks despite the high overnight capacity..

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Marmaris Travel Blog


Marmaris Travel Blog




Marmaris Travel Blog


Marmaris Travel Blog


Marmaris Travel Blog


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